We made it!

Poof. Two months flew by. Well... update.. We made it to Portland! We had a last hoorah 5AM coffee date send off with my sister and Trav's brother then were on the road at about 6AM! The next twenty hours were a blur, but we arrived in Portland around 2AM. It didn't really hit us how long we had been driving until about midnight, but we were just too close to stop. We ended up booking a last minute hotel room when we got into town because a comfy bed in a clean room was so necessary, and it ended up being the best ending to the longest day. The bed was actually SO comfy we ended up finding a store the next day that sold the same mattress and BOUGHT IT. Zero regrets, but that's another story. 

Moving is stressful. Moving out of state is effin insane.. but we are here and loving it. WE DID IT! We have lived here two weeks (what!?) and we still look at each other when we wake up and say "Can you believe we made it here? HIGH FIVE." We are absolutely smitten over the fall weather, loving all the thunder and rain, and really can't get over all the free flowing street traffic and endless parking spots everywhere we go. It feels like another planet compared to where we moved from. 

Faves from M- No more commuting! Working from home after spending a year and a half commuting 4+ hours a day five days a week is a dream. That commute killed me mentally, physically, emotionally.. you name it, ha. Having more time for myself is going to be a game changer. More time to cook, exercise, have fun with friends.. whatever floats my commute-less boat. I'm already enjoying the slower pace of life up here. Lastly, being neighbors with my NW besties again is already wayyy too much fun.

Faves from T- Tools tools tools. So much room for building all the things. If he can't tinker he's just not himself, so I'm so glad we have a huuuuge unfinished basement for him to spread out and do his thing. Our new worlds comfiest king size mattress we bought on day two has forever changed him. There's no going back. Lastly, exploring the city together has us acting like teenagers who met last week <3

More soon, 

xo TAM

goodbye CA, hello OR

Travis and I have spent the past year or so trying to figure out where we want to start our little life together. Real life adulting happening over here.  When Travis and I met in early 2015, we were both in the middle of hitting the reset button on life (so to speak), so once the dust settled , we realized we should start thinking about what kind of life we want to live and where. Spoiler alert: We picked Portland, Oregon!

Coming to that decision was a bumpy road. At one point, we were even Nashville bound! We flew out to shop neighborhoods and spent a week roaming around Nashville (which is a reeeally amazing city and we can't wait for future visits) but ultimately decided the south just wasn't for us. We needed more job options and I was never convinced my gravity defying hair and I could survive the humid summers. One night Travis turned to me and said "I would move to Portland tomorrow"... and that was really all it took to change our Nashville house searching to Portland. We broke a few hearts with our new plan, and to be honest both of us tossed and turned about it for a few weeks after we decided, but we truly think Portland is the perfect city for us and where we are at in life right now (AKA rapidly approaching our thirties) and WE ARE SO EXCITED!! 

We have been working opposite schedules the past year or two and haven't really been able to see our friends and family as much as we would have liked, but to say we are sad to move away from everyone is such an understatement! Living a few blocks from my sister and being around for the first two years of Trav's first niece has been so fun. Part of our decision to only move one state away was so we could easily hop on a plane and keep the fun weekends going. This lil blog will be a fun way for us to stay connected and keep our fam and friends updated on our next adventure. 

Cheers to all the dinners, game nights, and late night hangs. Farewell to our shitty neighborhood and crappy first apartment together that we grew to love so much. If you ever find yourself missing our faces we are a video chat and/or short flight away, so come see us in the PNW. We have about a month left in CA and about 3 months worth of work to do before we leave but we want to squeeze it all in and squeeze everyone before we leave! 

More moving plans and details to come!

xo, TaM